About Us

Crazy Pet Guy was started by Nick, our Chief Editor, because of his passion for all things pets. Being a dog lover to extent that he probably prefers dogs to humans, his friends started to call him the Crazy Pet Guy. Nick felt there was not enough information out there about different dog breeds and decided to start CrazyPetGuy.com

The Mission

Our mission is to provide factually accurate information about all things pets, especially dogs. Any dog owner will understand the importance of having useful information available to help with the raising of their fur baby.

We do our best to deliver this information in a useful and accurate manner. We want all dogs to live a happy life and so want you to have the best possible information available.

Our Team

Nick, Chief Editor

Nick started CrazyPetGuy.com due to his obsession with dogs. His life revolves around ensuring they have a happy, healthy life.

Sarah, Writer

Sarah first fell in love with dogs as a child when her family adopted a Golden Retriever. Since then she has owned and cared for various other pooches.

Karen, Writer

Karen is a freelance writer who spends as much of her time as possible in nature, ideally with her adorable Bruno!