When Can Newborn Puppies Go Outside?

new puppy outside

Puppies might be one of the most adorable creatures in the world. It would be hard to resist the temptation of bringing them anywhere you go. But alas, you can only take pictures and upload them on the internet as their immune system won’t be able to take the outside world yet. So when can […]

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Rottweiler Poodle Mix Breed: The Rottle Dog Guide

rottweiler poodle mix puppy

If you’re a dog lover, you would’ve heard about the “Rottle” — a Rottweiler Poodle mix. They are known as “designer” dogs or pooches that have been intentionally bred from two purebred dogs. While you might find them cute, you need to know whether they are the best fit for your family. If you want […]

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Best Dog Food for Miniature Pinscher 2018

Miniature pinschers or “King of Toys” are small-sized dogs that are known for their great similarity to Dobermans in term of appearance. However, they are far smaller in size. Despite their size, they are extremely energetic dogs and great companions so they work well as family pets. They are also very alert and fearless. That being […]

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Boxer Husky Mix Breed: The Boxsky Guide

Want to know the single word that sums up the reason why people prefer purebreds over cross breeds or mutts? Prestige. While they may not be as prestigious as purebreds, mixed breeds have their own advantages. The beauty of having a crossbreed pet is the uniqueness they offer. This is especially true for designer breeds […]

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Best Dog Food for Bloodhound in 2018

 A bloodhound is a large breed of dog that is well known for their dark brown fur and droopy long ears. They were originally bred to help to hunt animals with their keen sense of smell Today, they’re used to help in search and rescue efforts by the police and medical teams to track down […]

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Best Dog Food for Boxer 2018

Boxers are medium-sized breed of dog well-known for their squashed faces and tight muscles. As working dogs, they need plenty of energy and nutrients to lead their naturally active lifestyles. That is why they need the best dog food for boxer breeds that are fit for their needs and provide them with energy along with […]

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How Big Will My Mutt Puppy Get?

how big will my mutt puppy get do you think?

Mutts, also known as mongrels, are dogs that randomly mixed breed dogs. Their parents could either be two different purebred dogs, one hybrid and one purebred, or two hybrid dogs. But how big will my mutt puppy get? This will actually depend on the breeds it came from. However, since most mix breed puppies have […]

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German Shepherd Collie Mix Breed: The Shollie Complete Guide

Not all dogs are created equal. Mixed breeds are often undervalued because they don’t have the same level of pedigree as their pure-bred parents. Interestingly, this is one of many reasons that pushed designer breeds into existence. The world isn’t perfect, but it’s gradually changing in a positive direction. For dog breeding, society is already […]

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Why Does My Dog Put His Paw On My Arm?

Does your dog paw you when you pet him? Or even when you’re just sitting on the couch minding your own business? Ever complained about how his nails are leaving scratch marks on your arms and ripping your favorite suits into pieces? Have you stopped to ask yourself, “Why does my dog put his paw […]

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