Best Toys for English Bulldogs 2018

English Bulldogs are quite the paradox. They can be really lazy and sleepy, but when they start playing, their energy levels spike up. They’re actually a very playful breed, especially when you play tug-o-war or give them chew toys. Before you decide which play activity is best for your dog, check out the best toys […]

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Paddleboarding With Your Dog Can Be Easy & Fun


There’s no reason why you can’t take Fido along on your paddleboarding adventures whether you usually paddleboard alone or with the whole family. It will be fun for you as well as for your four-legged friend. However, it is important to introduce them to the board properly, be safe about paddleboarding with your dog, choose […]

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How Much Should a Chihuahua Weigh?

How Much Should a Chihuahua Weigh

Chihuahua is naturally tiny dogs and the smallest recognised pure breed in the world. It means even a slight difference in Chihuahua ideal weight can make a huge difference in the appearance and health of your pet. So, ask yourself this, “How Much Should a Chihuahua Weigh?” Because they’ve got such a delicate bone  structure […]

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Why Not to Get a Beagle?

Why Not Get a Beagle

If you’re thinking about adorable, soft, happy looking dogs, the beagle probably comes to mind. With their floppy ears, soulful eyes and cute looks, it’s a breed of dog that makes children coo and hearts melt everywhere they go. But owning a beagle is not all sunshine and roses. They can be difficult dogs to […]

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Why Are Some German Shepherds Black?

Why Are Some German Shepherds Black

When you think German Shepherd, you probably think of the standard tan and black coat. But there is a variation where the entire coat is black, head to toe. Keep reading to find out what this is, what it means, and the real answer to the question of why are some German Shepherds black. What […]

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What Age Do Poodles Stop Growing?

What age do poodles stop growing

You’re lucky enough to have a new poodle pup as part of your family. Or perhaps you’re considering purchasing a poodle to bring into your family fold, and you’re wondering if you have the room for one. So you’re wondering what age do poodles stop growing, and just how big do they get? Luckily for […]

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Should I Get a German Shepherd?

Should I get a German Shepherd

So you’re considering getting a German Shepherd. Maybe you’re attracted to the breed’s intelligence, tenacity and loyalty. Maybe you know that they’re one of the most versatile and healthy breeds out there. Or maybe you just think they’re gorgeous (because they are.) Either way, you want some help before you make that final decision. So if […]

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Separation Anxiety in Great Danes

Separation anxiety in Great Danes

Great Danes are gentle giants and love spending time with their owners and families. While we might want to spend all day at home with our dogs, the reality is, we have jobs to go to and things we have to do, so it’s mostly an impossibility. But as a dog that seeks to spend […]

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