Lab Doberman Mix: The Doberdor Breed Guide

A cross between Labrador Retrievers and Doberman Pinschers is known as “Doberdor.” These two breeds have opposite personalities. People perceive Labradors as gentle giants. Lab Doberman mix dogs are friendly, loyal, and love to be around people and other pets. Dobermans, however, are considered as a great guard dog because they are extremely protective and […]

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Belgian Malinois Husky Mix: The Belusky Breed Guide

The Belgian Malinois Husky mix is the product of two well-loved breeds: the intelligent and active Belgian Malinois and the gentle and playful Siberian Husky. This adorable and fiercely protective crossbreed also goes by the names Belusky, Huskinois, and Belerian Malsky. Belgian Malinois Husky Mix Key Characteristics Malinois Husky Mix Highlights The Belgian Malinois and […]

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Pitbull American Bulldog Mix Breed Guide

Both Pitbulls and Bulldogs have gained a bad reputation through the years from those people who lack understanding and awareness regarding the breeds. The Pitbull American Bulldog mix appearance and news about aggression that resulted in unfavorable circumstances are the main reasons why people are afraid of them. In reality, though, both breeds of dogs […]

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Havanese Shih Tzu Mix: The Havashu Breed Guide

Both breeds have a cuteness that can make any dog lover want to pick them up and bring them home. A mix between these two can produce something almost unreasonably cute – the Havanese Shih Tzu mix! A designer breed that’s steadily growing more popular, this dog has made quite the impression in a lot […]

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How Many Years Does a Cockapoo Live?

Any dog lover would feel queasy about talking about how long their dog can live. Many would agree that their dogs don’t live as long as they would want, especially for those who own an adorable Cockapoo. The last thing pet owners would like to hear is the question, “How many years does a Cockapoo […]

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Rottweiler Boxer Mix: The Boxweiler Breed Guide

One is tall and lean. The other is bulky and muscular. Just what can you get if you decide to cross breed the Rottweiler and the Boxer together? A Rottweiler Boxer Mix that you can be proud of. Read on and you can learn more about what they call the Boxweiler. We’ll examine its appearance, […]

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When Is It Too Late to Neuter a Dog?

When Is It Too Late to Neuter a Dog

Spaying for females and neutering for males are forms of population control for canines and felines. Every dog owner should think about having their male dogs neutered when they can because it helps to control canine overpopulation, and reduce the incidences of unwanted puppies that end up in shelters. So, here’s a question to ponder: […]

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How Often to Bathe A Puppy: A Crash Course

How Often to Bathe A Puppy

Anyone who has taken care of a dog is always faced with the task of giving their furry children a bath. It’s a fun experience for some breeds, like the Labrador Retriever, but can generally be a somewhat troublesome affair for most dogs. For puppies, it’s a different story so you must know how often […]

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Lab Beagle Mix Breed Information Guide

The Labrador Retriever is popular among families because of their fun-loving and affectionate nature. On the other hand, the Beagle is popular because of its intelligence and its ridiculously small size. If you put them together, you get the Lab Beagle Mix. The question is – what can you expect when you mix these two […]

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